Fellowship Baptist Church
Bible Study & Life Application
On Sunday mornings at 9:45 AM we conduct a Sunday School for all ages. The purpose of our Sunday School is to lead our students into a greater understanding and appreciation of the Bible as God's Word for daily living. The format of our Sunday School is interactive, with Bible content presented by the instructor, which is then discussed by the class. The goal of our Sunday School is to enable individuals to make application to life situations of truth that is discovered.
Bible Exposition
Our preaching services focus on the exposition of the text of God's Word, the Bible. The purpose of our preaching services is fourfold: 1) To persuade each hearer to be reconciled to God by turning from sin and placing faith in Jesus Christ, 2) to strengthen and equip believers in the doctrines and commands of the historic Christian faith, 3) to present a living relationship to Jesus Christ as the answer to serious and chronic problems our society faces, and 4) to provide a defense of the historic Christian faith against philosophies and arguments that seek to destroy or undermine the authority of the Scriptures and the knowledge of the one true God, as revealed by the Scriptures.
Evangelistic & Missions Outreach
We seek to reach out to our community and our world with the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ through scheduled times of visitation, mission projects, hospital visits, and crisis counseling.
Our youth are one of the most untapped resources for ministry in the local church. We seek to teach youth Christian doctrine through formal times of instruction and Bible study. We also seek to motivate youth to use their God-given gifts in the local church by serving in support ministries.
Community Assistance
We seek to meet the basic needs of food, transportation and interaction with people as the Lord supplies. Our church contributes each year to a community wide energy assistance program to help those who find themselves in need throughout the year.