Fellowship Baptist Church
Our Purpose

Our mission is to bring people into reconciliation with God through the life-changing message of the gospel of Jesus Christ, and to equip them to be committed followers of Christ within the church, the home and the culture. We seek to assist believers to formulate a total worldview that is in harmony with God's revealed truth, and compel them to pursue priorities that are eternally significant, rather than temporally satisfying.

Fellowship Baptist Church exists to make disciples by bringing people to an understanding of the condition of man, of the significance of the death and bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ, and of the need for personal forgiveness of sins. We believe the Scriptures are completely reliable, divine in origin, and reveal the wisdom and omnipotence of God. As Scriptural truths are applied by the obedient believer, they have the capacity to change harmful and addictive behaviors, build Christ-like character, and transform self-centered attitudes.

Our ultimate goal is to glorify God by becoming committed disciples of Jesus Christ with a purpose of bringing positive change to our culture through the sharing of the good news of the gospel and through sacrificial service to others.

Our Motivation
The love that Christ has shown to us motivates us to share His love and forgiveness with others, and to seek to make God's message attractive. Our aim is to please the One who has redeemed us by urging others to be reconciled to God through faith in Jesus Christ our Savior.